Power BI Enterprise Gateway

Today the Power BI Enterprise Gateway has been release for public use. This is great news, especially for those who have been waiting for real enterprise functionalities for Power BI.

During the keynote at SQL Pass in november James Philips promised to deliver the Enterprise Gateway within this calendar year. It is great to see Microsoft keep their promises and bringing all these improvements and new functionality to the Power BI platform.

If you are familiar with the Analysis Services (SSAS) Connector and Persona Gateway you might already know what gap this product is going to fill when it comes to connecting to sources both on-premise and in the cloud.

For those of you who do not know these features and wants more insight i suggest that you read more about these connectors here:
Personal Gateway
SSAS Connector

The really great thing about the Enterprise Gateway compared to the Personal version is the support centralised management of data sources, credentials, and access control. Furthermore the Enterprise version also supports a more users and live connections in one connector.

When it comes to features it is not complete but it is already looking good with the with the ability to support multiple users and access control per data source.

Import data and set up scheduled refresh Coming soon
Serves multiple users with access control per data source
Support for DirectQuery to SQL Server
Support for a live connection to Analysis Services Coming soon
Monitoring and auditing for gateway and data sources Coming soon

Soon, when the product is complete I am also looking into the optimised logging and monitoring capabilities – In my opinion this is going to be pretty sweet.

Managing your data connections
As an administrator you will be able to add all the different connection to different servers and databases as you need. For each of these connections you will be able to specify if Windows or Basic authentication should be used.

You will also be able to set up multiple Enterprise Gateways in different environments or locations for your organisation – and at the same time delegate administrative management to individual users per Enterprise Gateway.

How about security?
When it comes to security the connection between the Power BI services and your local Enterprise Gateway i secured through Azure Service Bus which uses a secure channel and an encryption key to make sure that your data stays private.

The great thing about this setup is that it is actually the Gateway which is creating the secure connection and therefore you most probably NOT have to fight for having ports opened for in- and outbound traffic.

Getting started
To get started you will have to log in to your Power BI Service and select the “Manage Gateways” under settings:


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