Power BI client for Windows has been released

Today Microsoft has released the Power BI Preview app for devices running Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (not Windows RT or Windows Phone). This is especially a great news for everyone who is using a transportable Windows device for work.

The app offers you great ability to connect and get insight abut your no matter if you are on your way, during meetings or traveling. The offline ability to browse dashboard also enables you to be able to explore you data while you are flying or even out of internet range.

When you are connected to the internet you will be able to browse reports and use filters related to these. Furthermore you will be able, as you are used to from the online version, to filter other elements by clicking on bars, pies etc
Abilities like filter multiple and sort is now available

Microsoft also included the multi-select, sort by and ordering into the reports. This is most likely because they have been able to reuse this from the HTML5 elements on the powerbi website.

Looking at the released within the last couple of moths from Microsoft it is really clear that they are all in on their “mobile first” strategy. To enable a easy start for the the end-user Microsoft also put in some different sample dashboards to browse and get inspiration.

The app itself does only allow users to browse reports and dashboards. If you want do any changes to these you will have to use either the Power BI Designer or the online web-edition.

We are hopefully also going to see a lot of upgrades to the app in the future to enable some of the features which is already available in Datazen. I am especially missing the “pin to start” feature to enable me to put my most important KPI’s into my startmenu and let me watch these every time i opens it.

On the other side i am also hoping that the Datazen team will be able to add “share” features, with pens and icons, as we are currently able to do in Power BI.

The best thing is that you can download the app today right away and enjoy you data on the go!

Download from Windows Store

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