Power BI and Cortana working together in Windows 10

During MSIgnite the latest build of Windows 10 (build 10105) was presented. With the latest version, Cortana enables you to report on your Power BI data directly from you windows desktop – across devices. This is done with Natural Query Language and in a basic version already available in the Power BI Preview.

During the session data from the attendee registration for MS Ignite was used to present the Power BI and C on Bing Maps and also with vertical bars.

If you have set up a Power BI account with the same account as your computer logon you will be able to use this functionality when it is released.

After playing around with Q&A in Power BI for demo purposes i am really looking forward to the improvement which seems to happen, looking at the successful (an probably constructed) question used during the MS Ignite session: “Show me the average number of PC’s our attendee Companies have, by industry”.

As time goes by and Natural Language Querys improves we are hopefully going to se impressing improvement in simplicity and data access for end user reporting.

I will try to follow up with more information when this is made available.

Bent Pedersen
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I am a Senior Business Analytics Architect at Kapacity A/S, where I have been working with enterprise customers on solutions with SSAS Tabular, Datazen and SQL for the last three years. During the past year, he concentrated on working with devOps, Automation, testing and simplifying development processes for Microsoft BI.


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