DAX Studio 2.2.0 released

The latest version of DAX studio has just been released. This i great tool which has been around for quite some year, but which i have only been using it since last summer. This is, without comparison, my favourite tools when working with tabular models.

With this new release follows a lot of great new features:

  • Basic IntelliSense
  • Tracing for PowerPivot
  • Ability to connect to SSAS Multidimensional
  • Connect to multiple instances of Power BI Designer
  • Unnatural Hierarchies is highlighted

To get you hans into this tool please visits the CodePlex page for the project.

Working with Management Studio and Visual Studio for so many years I have been missing this intelli-sense feature a lot. To me it is really nice to have the this feature available in DAX studio – especially since it brings up metadata for tables, columns and measure together with a list of functions for DAX.

Tracing for PowerPivot
This is also a remarkable feature since you are now able to connect DAX Studio to your PowerPivot model to work with performance tasks . Earlier you had to restore your existing model to a SSAS Tabular instance and then perform the analysis and optimisation.

Bug fixes
Together with the new features the following bugs has also been fixed:

  • Backslash characters is doubled when using  when using DAX Formatter
  • Unable to connect to SSAS servers when not an administrator
  • Changing the connection for a query window would sometimes throw an error
  • Source database was changing all the time when a metadata refresh was perform while you were connected to a SSAS server
  • Cannot connect to a PowerPivot model where the file path contains single quotes

Darren Gosbell is the developer to thank for making this great tool available. He i also working as part of the team behind the BIDS Helper

Read more about the latest release of BIDS Helper

You can read a lot more about all the new features by visits his blog.

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