BIDS helper 1.7.0 released

Today the latest beta-version of BIDS Helper, a fantastic Visual Studio add-in which adds addition functionality in Business Intelligence Development Studio, has been released.

It is more than 6 year since i came across the tool for the first time. Since then it has just grown on me and today, in my opinion, BIDS Helper is one of the best tools when working with Microsoft BI. It not only maks your life easier but also adds key functionality when working with Tabular models:

  • Display folders
  • Translations
  • HideMemberIf

Here are some of the new key features:

  • Up-to-date with Mist 4.0
  • Support emitting SSIS 2014 packages (VS2013)
  • Add a translation for the default language in Tabular Translation editor
  • Several mprovements to Tabular Actions Editor
  • Printer Friendly Dimension Usage for Tabular

And a feature which i really appreciate is the ability to sort permanently when working with a project. This has been a hassle for such a long time that i’ve actually got used to sorting every time i checked out a project from TFS.

Sort SSIS packages permanently

A detailed list of improvements and fixes together with the installation files can be found on the codeplex page for the project.

A complete list of features and their description can be found in the documentation.

Bent Pedersen
Member since November 20, 2016

I am a Senior Business Analytics Architect at Kapacity A/S, where I have been working with enterprise customers on solutions with SSAS Tabular, Datazen and SQL for the last three years. During the past year, he concentrated on working with devOps, Automation, testing and simplifying development processes for Microsoft BI.


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