Adventure Works for SQL Server 2016 CTP3

When working and testing SQL Server you have probably often been using the Adventure Works databases for demo purposes or getting an easy start – at least this is what i usually does.

After completing the 2016 CTP 3 installation yesterday I was in a need for test-data for playing around with the new features in Reporting Services and SSAS Tabular.

After som digging around I noticed that the new version Adventure Works has been released and is now available through the Microsoft Download Center.

The download contains both the transitional (81.5 MB) and the Data Warehouse (883.3 MB) version of the demo-data. Furthermore you will also be able to test a lot of the new features in SQL 2016 by using the sample scripts which covers the following features:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Always Encrypted
  • Data Masking
  • In-Memory Analytics
  • In-Memory OLTP
  • JSON
  • PolyBase
  • Query Store
  • Row-Level Security
  • Stretch DB
  • Temporal

Go grab the latest version to get started with testing all the new great feature and tools in the latest version of the tools in the SQL Server BI stack.

Bent Pedersen
Member since November 20, 2016

I am a Senior Business Analytics Architect at Kapacity A/S, where I have been working with enterprise customers on solutions with SSAS Tabular, Datazen and SQL for the last three years. During the past year, he concentrated on working with devOps, Automation, testing and simplifying development processes for Microsoft BI.


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